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Our Dudley Go Back

Dudley was our Crested Butte Airedale.  She was a true 70's Hippie Dale, who was exceptionally well trained, trustworthy, loving and loyal.  She was our first Airedale adoption and from her first day with us we knew there could be no other pet for us.  She watched over both us and her truck.  She will always be our benchmark for exceptional Airedales.

Dudley at home
Typical day in the mountains
Dudley in the snow
Love snow!
Dudley in her truck
Love my truck
Dudley's mud-season in AZ trim.
Aprés ski season coiffure
Boy-Dog look alike contest
Boy - Dog look alike

The pictures are also 70's so don't expect great quality.  We didn't spend a lot of time with a camera in our hands.  You'll get the idea.

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