Our Dudley Go Back

Smart AiredaleOn May 28th Lisa called us and asked if we would like to foster a year old female Airedale. We were leaving for six weeks in Europe on June 18th. We said we would but only for two weeks. We picked up Miss Dudley from Trish on May 30th. Dudley needed, no demanded, love and understanding. That was the easy part. By the time we returned her to Trish on June 13th she was 100% our new dog and we were wondering why we were going to Europe and leaving this lovable and playful little darling.

Trish spent seven weeks teaching Dudley how to be social with people and dogs. She performed her magic, just like she did with Winston. Dudley is now our responsibility and we are working toward her Canine Good Citizen award.

Dudley's birthdate is March, 10. 2014. She'll appreciate a birthday wish.

Again, our heartfelt thanks to Lisa, Yvonne and Tim with Airedale Rescue of Western New York and, as always, to Barbara and Denis of New England Airedale Rescue.  We honor your compassion and support for these wonderful dogs, and your wisdom and guidance to us.  Thanks also to Trish who worked with Dudley during her difficult times.  She is a wonderful companion.
Dudley's CGCDudley has earned herAKC Canine Good Citizen® (CGC) award.  We are very proud. CGC
NSAR Registration Dudley is a trained, certified and registered Service Animal.


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Dudley's Favorites

A Day at the Northshore Beach

Dudley on the Road

Dudley in St. Martins

Dudley Being herself

Fun in Conneticut

Tuesday mornings at the BCC

Dudley's nose:

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