Our Megan Go Back


Megan was our fourteen year old Airedale.  We adopted her in November 1996, when she was eleven.  We learned a great deal from her wisdom and courageousness as she faced fears and the inevitable aging process.  Our very brave, lovable, sweetheart, Megan, died on 10/14/99.  We will always miss her.Paws

Megan, just doin her summer job.
"Aah, those lazy, crazy, hazy daze of summer..."
Megan, hangin with Dad
"Goin out is fun but it's great to be home!"
Megan, breakfast in bed
"I love breakfast in bed."
Megan wrestling with Dad
"Frank, pinned again!"
Megan protecting our world
"One of my jobs is to protect
the neighborhood!"
Megan & Dad on a Sunday afternoon
"I sure love Frank,
Frank sure loves me."

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