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Quince was our ten year old Airedale Terrier.  She joined our family on September 23, 2000.  Quince shared a too short period in our lives but her impact was great.  She was very social and totally trustworthy.  Her ladylike poise and beautiful gait always exhibited her pride and character.  We marveled at her ability to keep herself beautiful and pristine, even on a muddy, rainy, day.

Quince died with kidney failure on December 28, 2000.  It was very sad.

CH. Blackdale Warwick Quince
Quince, always a champion


Quince on her first day with us.
Quince on her first
day in Burlington.

Good Morning.
Good Morning.

Total comfort
This is total comfort..

Quince & Schuyler
Quince with her
buddy Schuyler.

Quince checkin out her world.
Life is grand!


Quince, NO, not through the window.
Watch out,
it's a sq#&%l.

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