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Shamus was born on 04/25/1993.  He died on 08/24/2006.  He joined our family on January 14, 2001.  He was a wonderful, wonderful boy who will always be remembered with the deepest love and fondness.  We thank Barbara Curtiss and all the dedicated, wonderful, people in Airedale Rescue.  Be sure to visit the New England Airedale Rescue (NEAR) web site.

Shamus was our first male dale.  His obvious city environment upbringing made him a source of pride and joy on outings to Burlington's beautiful Church Street for lunch in a cafe or just a stroll about town.  He was a wonderful, good, loving boy who always wants to be with his uprights.

Hey, check out Airedale Rescue & Adoption of Delaware Valley.  Quince and Shamus are their poster kids.  We are really proud of the work they do and are especially happy that we were picked to be on their web site.

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Helping Dad
This is me helpin' Frank
build my web page.

Shamus and his mom.
Mary sure is
good to me.
I love her!

That shameless Shamus
Is it no dignity,
self confidence or

Shamus, take a bow.
Shamus, take a bow.

Enjoying my birthday.
Enjoying my birthday.

Fall colors.
My favorite time of year.

Playing the bed game..
Playing bed game.

Da Boyz!
Da Boyz!

The boyz taken' a nap.
The boyz taken' a nap.

This is an exercise in patience.
This is an exercise in patience.

Slumber party.
A Schuyler sleep over.

Dad says I have big ears.
Does this haircut make
my ears look big?

sentry duty
Always vigilant.

Camping, Airedale style
Camping, Airedale art.

A happy boy on his planet.
A happy boy.

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