Alaska, Summer 2005 Running Deer
Our trip from door to door was 11,777 miles.  The Trek averaged  11.66 mpg.  Our average per gallon cost of diesel was $2.73.  The hero of the trip was without a doubt, Shamus.  He was great and has earned the "Best Dog" award in our family.

Our trip highlight has to be the bears in Hyder and the other great wildlife sightings.  If there is a disappointment it would be the weather.  We had a lot of rain at inopportune times but other than missing some wonderful scenery it did not deter any of our activities.  The mosquitoes were everything they are reputed to be and more.  They became somewhat fewer as the summer progressed.  We met some great travelers and renewed some wonderful old friendships.

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AlCan Mile 0, Dawson Creek, BC

Entering Alaska

Anchor Point, Alaska

Athabasca Falls, BC

Jasper NP, BC


Fishing in Seward

Seward Seals

Does a bear


3 Yr Old Griz

Queen Griz

Black Bear BC

Caribou x 2 + Bear

Bull Moose

Moose & Calf in Kenai

Moose north of Fairbanks near Joy

Elmendorf AFB Moose

Moose, Calf in background

Buffalo & Calf

Buffalo Calf Deer in Prince Rupert Caribou in Denali Rabbit in Denali
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Hyder Bears video 1

Hyder Bears video 2

Athabaska Falls video 1

Athabasla Falls video 2

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