Safari Trek, 28RB2, F53R


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28RB2 floorplan

Trek 28RB2 Latin Beat

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Bringing MAXI home:

MAXI in Maine
MAXI in Maine
MAXI in Maine
MAXI in Maine

MAXI goes south with the CRV AIREBUS:

MAXI at GA Cracker Barrel MAXI in Asheville, NC MAXI at NAS Pensacola, FL MAXI at Oak Grove, FL

MAXI & ole MINI go to the Maritimes

Buckle up everyone We're on the road again Free camp at MOT At the Red Apple
Church Point, NS Pictou, NS Pubnico, NS Murray Beach PP, NB

MAXI & MINI go south

Pip & MAXI Oak Grove Park Pip & MAXI MAXI

MAXI, MINI and AIREBUS are all Geocache Travel Bugs so be sure to get their numbers if you see them.

Our old Trek:

1995 Safari Trek, 2430 Diesel Pathmaker

Trek in Quechee
Camping at Quechee, Vermont

Trek in Nova Scotia
Wild Camping in Nova Scotia

Trek in Mayport, FL
Mayport, Florida

Bikes, Honda and Trek off for vacation
Off to Bar Harbor, ME

Oak Grove Pensacola

MAXI & MINI back from MOT2008

Trek in CT
Fall Fun with Friends in CT
Trek Fun Rally 06/05
Trek Fun in NY

Hidden Lake, Kenai, AK
Hidden Lake, Kenai, AK

Mini Cooper RS
Trekking Newfoundland-Labrador

Last, but by no means least, check out our Trekin' Alaska video. Alaska sign
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